Enhance the Opportunities

 As a young athlete (or the parent of a young athlete), you know how much attention is paid to strength, speed and agility. Thousands of dollars each year are spent on training coaches, the newest equipment, etc... to help your son or daughter achieve their maximum potential.


When was their last Sports Performance Evaluation? Do you know how their visual system functions and how fast their brain can process information? 


Vision and neurocognitive performance evaluations are often not a piece of the puzzle and are very often the very first place in which an athlete's performance suffers.


After a normal eye exam, the average athlete can be given prescription glasses or contact lenses, but that might not solve their problem(s). Traditional vision therapy/training aims to make your visual system "normal" compared to non-athletes. We believe normal is not good enough for our athletes!


Using cutting-edge technology and time-tested optometry techniques, we provide a full performance report on your visual and neurocognitive systems. From here, we create a comprehensive performance plan so your eyes/brain are able to function optimally while excelling at your sport.