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Services & Pricing


Full Sports Performance Evaluation
(Expected Length of Exam: 90-100 minutes)

A “must-have” for all athletes, the vision process starts with identifying key areas of their visual system. When this is done effectively, athletes can achieve their maximum potential. 


A general eye examination is a good starting point for everybody. Athletes, however, have many other complex aspects to their visual system that need to be functioning at optimal levels.


This includes alignment, focusing system, movement in synchronization, depth perception, dynamic vision, and much more.


A full sports vision examination will take a deeper look into these systems and evaluate for deficits that might be present. 

Price: $499.00

Training Session
(45 Minutes)

Individual training sessions are where the progress happens. We combine traditional vision training with cutting-edge technology to improve all aspects of your vision, neurocognitive, and coordination/speed. 

Sessions typically last 45 minutes and include a variety of different drills to improve deficits and also make strengths stronger!

MRI Scan Image

Concussion Evaluation

Concussion vision issues affect a large number of patients. This leads to an inability for patients to comfortably carry out many activities of daily life (e.g. reading).


Following a mTBI, it is theorized that the integration of vision subsystems, focal and ambient, break down.


Full concussion vision evaluation should include: basic optometric considerations, as well as oculomotor & non-oculomotor functional testing.


Repetitive vision exercises, +/- aids, are believed to accelerate & enhance the natural neuroplastic recovery. Find more information about these types of therapies through

Price: $199.00

(Expected Length of Exam: 45 minutes)

3/6/9 Month Re-Evaluation

Have you been training with us for 3 or 6 months in the office? Have you been training remotely/at home through Ares Academy? We want to see you every 3-months to check and monitor your progress.

This is where we get an opportunity to see your improvement and make adjustments if needed to continue to keep getting better. 

Price: $199.00

(Expected Length of Follow-Up: 45 minutes)

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